“Grab ALL the Product-Creating, Article-Producing, Traffic-Generating PROVEN Content You Will EVER Need at Will…”
By Following a Proven Blueprint that Side-Steps All the BS One-Click Scams, Crappy Guru Products and Overspun PLR Junk Content ONCE and for ALL!

By now, you’ve probably figured out that the Internet Marketing “Business” is in shambles thanks to all the slick scam artists and heartless huckster who are only interested in ripping people off. Unfortunately, the lure of “Quick Cash” is so great, there are even some Marketers who have walked away from legitimate sales practices to fall for the temptation of selling over-hyped, over-priced, worthless products.

Creativity, innovation and quality have fallen by the wayside in favor of re-hashed, over-spun content that, in many cases, is SO BAD, that the information is completely nonsensical. It’s a sad state of affairs for sure. Fortunately, thanks to Google, Amazon, Apple and the other online “information” giants, a massive crackdown is underway to eliminate much of this “Crap Content” from ever seeing the light of day again. The days are numbered for marketers who peddle worthless information. Thank God!

In the wake of all the confusion over content quality, a massive problem now exists that likely affects YOUR business. Newcomers and honest professionals alike just want to provide quality information and helpful content without feeling overwhelmed and confused over how to avoid being associated with all the craziness and “slaps” that have been happening. We’re facing a content crisis for sure, and that’s why it’s time to return to trustworthy business practices and proven, quality solutions for creating new products to sell in the marketplace.

Let’s examine “Real World” product creation methodologies for a moment.

For centuries, product development has followed proven methodologies for producing reliable results. One such “foundational component” of nearly EVERY “Real World” product development model (and in almost NO digital product development models) is the use of BLUEPRINTS. Whether you’re building automobiles, constructing houses or designing the next smartphone, BLUEPRINTS establish foundational product creation standards and guidelines for ONE purpose:

To Achieve Predictable, Reproducible Results to Exact Standards!

Read that the line above again because it’s the key to your success! Your goal in creating ANY type of product is to achieve predictable, reproducible results to exact standards. Blueprints provide the foundation for achieving those results, and then systems make it a reality! Unfortunately, most Internet Marketing products today provide you with anything BUT reproducible results. That’s where “Public Domain Blueprints” is different!

I quickly realized that the BEST way to help YOU access the BEST, proven content you need for your Information Product creation, is to provide BLUEPRINTS that help you achieve the predictable, reproducible results you desire. Quite honestly, the Public Domain offers MORE proven content you can use for your information products than ANY other content source on the planet…period! Hollywood has figured this out. Traditional publishers have figured this out. And a select few, SMART marketers have figured this out as well. They just don’t talk about it…and if they do, what they share is usually cryptic or deceptive.

Good News! You NOW Have Access to BLUEPRINTS that Enable You to Achieve Predictable, Reproducible Results with Your Content Creation!


“Public Domain Blueprints”

“Public Domain Blueprints” reveals exact blueprints for maximizing your success to FIND and DEVELOP the proven content of the Public Domain for product creation, blog development, traffic generation and more! Each content-rich, step-by-step webinar will feature laser-focused, profit-producing insights and strategies for maximizing each of the seven primary Public Domain content sources!

In this 8-module Video Training Series, you will discover:

Module #1: Public Domain Introduction and Course Overview

  • In-depth guidelines for determining what IS or ISN’T Public Domain
  • Step-by-step blueprint for identifying the copyright status of ANY work
  • Copyright and trademark pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Copyright in foreign countries
  • Finding the best niches for products with the Niche Research Blueprint
  • And much more!

Module #2: Public Domain Books

  • Finding Public Domain books easily online and offline
  • Discover books no one else knows about using a secret resource
  • Product Creation tricks that save massive amounts of time and money
  • The secret ingredient you need to add to Public Domain books to make them sell like crazy
  • How to easily avoid the Amazon “Slap”
  • And much more!

Module #3: Public Domain Magazines

  • The BEST online resources for uncovering magazines, newspapers, comics and more
  • Covert product creation Blueprints for generating cash from magazines
  • How to beat Google at their own content game
  • The single reason you MUST be using content from Serials NOW
  • Generating unique, quality articles and blog posts for pennies
  • And much more!

Module #4: Public Domain Images

  • Top 7 Image Blueprints for creating products that sell
  • How images give you access to 100 million BUYING customers that other content can’t
  • Image editing tricks for creating stunning graphics
  • Easily find “hidden” image content (photographs, artwork and more) using specific keywords…not what you think
  • A research trick that will double or even triple your image search results
  • And much more!

Module #5: Public Domain Patents

  • Mining the 5.5 million patents for content gold
  • Discover WHY patents are a big deal to Apple, Google and other big companies, and why they should matter to you
  • 3 types of content patents offer that you may not find anywhere else
  • Understanding the “rules” for patents and how to use them in your favor
  • Keyword research tricks to help you actually find the content you need (it’s not as straightforward as you think)
  • And much more!

Module #6: Public Domain Government

  • Uncovering the content gold YOU already paid for
  • Why government content is your new best friend
  • Research strategies that reveal FREE content everyone else has to PAY for
  • The Top 5 non-government sites for locating government content
  • Content Blueprints for finding proven content of all media types for ANY market
  • And much more!

Module #7: Public Domain Audio

  • Why Audio MUST be a part of your product creation cycle
  • Uncover the BEST resources for background music for your Powerpoint and Video projects
  • How this ONE audio strategy can double your sales
  • The latest text to audio and audio to text resources and how to use them
  • Essential Audio Tools you need and how to get them for free
  • And much more!

Module #8: Public Domain Videos

  • Why Video ties all your content sources together for the BEST types of products
  • The BEST sources for IDEAL video content for your products, blogs and more
  • How you can turn photographs into full motion 3D video people love
  • Three Video Creation resources you likely never used before, and why you should
  • Turn ANY content into a video masterpiece using proven Video Blueprints
  • And much more!

To maximize your training experience with “Public Domain Blueprint,” you can expect:

  • Content-Rich, Step-by-Step training demonstrating the latest profit-pulling product creation methods
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about the specific content discussed in each module
  • Online Video Access and Downloads for ALL 8 Modules
  • PDFs of Powerpoint slides from each Module
  • Enhanced Transcription PDF’s of all 8 Modules
  • Copyright Research Guide and Process Map
  • Private Members Facebook Group to ask questions and interact with other members

Here are just a FEW of the comments I’ve received about my past training series:

“There have been many people that I have worked with through the last 10 years that have great products and programs. They have all fallen by the wayside. You are one of a handfull of professionals that constantly provide great information, super packages of training and always there to over-deliver. Most important…you are a nice guy, can be trusted and always there to offer your guidence and assistance.”
“Tony I appreciate the detail because this is high quality teaching that others are selling for $3,500 – so thank you!”
“Killer webinar Tony. I’m excited and beginning to think i may actually be able to do this. thanks.”
“You’ve outdone yourself Tony and over-delivered once again. One of the few, and getting fewer, people I place my trust in to give the straight scoop and actionable steps.”
“I have learned SO MUCH already! Thank you very much Tony :)”
“You always share the kinds of things that other people don’t pay attention to. I appreciate that about you.”
“I just got to watch the replay now and I have to concur with the other attendees, it was great and as usual, an extremely informative webinar.”

Here is a Module-by-Module Breakdown of what you will gain access to in Public Domain Blueprint, included the unannounced, added BONUSES!

Introduction To Public Domain Blueprint

  • Video #1: Overview and Niche Research (1:23:03)
  • Video #1a: Copyright Research (57:51)

Public Domain Books

  • Video #2: Books (1:48:01)
  • Video #2a: Finding & Editing Your Books (1:12:38)
  • BONUS “Publishing to Kindle” Video
  • BONUS “Amazon Profits Explained” ($97 real-world value)

Public Domain Magazines

  • Video #3a: Magazines – Introduction and Kindle Blogs (48:07)
  • Video #3b: Magazines and Mobile Apps 1:01:04)
  • BONUS “Public Domain Magazine Secrets” PDF
  • BONUS “Magazine Master List” PDF
  • BONUS “Niche Magazine Listing” PDF ($97 real-world value)

Public Domain Images

  • Video #4a: Images – Introduction and Research (57:17)
  • Video #4b: Images – Product Creation with Walmart (56:30)
  • Video #4c: Images – Photoshop Brushes & Zazzle Intro (43:00)
  • BONUS “Vintage Image Profits” PDF ($97 real-world value)

Public Domain Patents

  • Video #5a: Patents – Introduction and Research (33:41)
  • Video #5b: Patents – Case Study #1: Automatic Weapon (36:27)
  • Video #5c: Patents – Case Study #2: Gluten-Free 30:48)
  • BONUS “Another Look at Patents” Report PDF ($27 real-world value)

Public Domain Government

  • Video #6a: Government – Introduction (32:37)
  • Video #6b: Government – Top Websites, Part 1 (33:26)
  • Video #6c: Government – Top Websites, Part 2 (30:12)
  • BONUS “Info Gold Extreme” E-book PDF ($97 real-world value)

Public Domain Audio

  • Video #7: Audio (1:28:33)
  • BONUS “Create Audio Products” Course ($97 real-world value)

Public Domain Video

  • Video #8a: Video – Introduction (58:01)
  • Video #8b: Video – Creating a Presentation (49:50)
  • BONUS “Market With Stories” Videos ($147 real-world value)

INCLUDES over $500 in “Real Value” BONUSES!

I will be honest with you…one of the reasons I taught this comprehensive series is so that I could present my BEST insights and strategies to create a Physical Home Study Course on the Public Domain, complete with manuals and DVDs. The price point for that course when it’s released will be $497! I give my best teaching and training when I teach and interact with my audience live. I have a huge reputation for over-delievering, and this series is no different.

To make it as easy as possible for the maximum number of people to gain access to this comprehensive, profit-producing training without having the pay the $497 price tag, I am offering full access to the Module Recordings, the Transcripts, the Slides and ALL the added BONUSES for just $297. 

Just $497 $297 $197!

Special Price $497 $297 $177 (save $20)!

Gain Instant Access TODAY by Clicking the Registration Button Below!

You will gain immediate access to the ENTIRE “Public Domain Blueprint” Course, the Bonuses, the private Facebook Group and research materials!

Get Your Access Now…

  • Content-Rich, Step-by-Step Video Modules 
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Downloads for ALL 8 Module
  • PDFs of ALL the Powerpoint slides for each Module
  • Transcriptions of all 8 Modules
  • Copyright Research Guide and Process Map
  • Private Members Facebook Group to ask questions and interact with other members
  • ALL the BONUSES!


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